We are proud to present our staff:


Dick started the company in 1975 as a TV Antenna Company. Two years later he added Garage Door Repair to the business. After many years of installations and service calls, he now oversees daily operations of Dick's Automatic Door Company and two Sister companies (
distributes to door dealers, distributes gate openers). Hobbies: Enjoys Bluegrass Music Festivals and Motorhome Travel.
Office Greeter

Carrying on Missy's mission, Muffin greets visitors. Muffin enjoys travel with Dick & Char. She also enjoys meeting and greeting people at the bluegrass music festivals. Muffin joined us on June 18th, 2016. Muffin is still getting her sea legs, but seems to enjoy chasing & chewing leaves, roughhousing and taking naps. She comes in to work with Dick in the morning.
41 Years
 Ken Grimes 
 Dolores Zeiter 
Warehouse and Utility

Kelly runs our warehouse and shipping operations. Kelly monitors inventory and reports to Dick or Deb when supplies reach re-stocking level. Kelly also makes occasional deliveries in Ohio & Michigan. Kelly joined us in July of 2013.
Foreman-Chief Service Technician

Having already had 15 years experience, Ken joined us in 1991 and worked his way up to foreman. Ken works hard in the heat of summer and cold of winter and is the go-to man for difficult installations as well as problems with older doors and openers. Ken likes to fish, golf and play with his grandkids.

Dick's Wife/Partner and office helper who now enjoys her Social Security but is still active in one of the sister companies and part time in Dick's Automatic Door. Char travels and attends bluegrass music festivals, meeting up with her friends who also attend. She also enjoys hobbies, casinos and travel with a friend.
 Deb Grimes 
Bulk Mailings
Dolores is probably the employee with the most years of service other than Dick and Char. Dolores, over the years since the late 1980's, has stuffed, stamped and mailed hundreds of thousands of mailings for a sister company. Dolores always enjoyed traveling with her late husband and now enjoys her time with her grand & great grand children. Dolores is now retired, but, on call for special projects.
 Ken Grimes 
Executive Assistant
Runs the office on a daily basis. Fills in for Dick when he is out of the office. We were lucky to find and bring Deb into the company in 1991 when her previous employer was downsizing. She had been with the other door company for over 15 years. Deb also helps Dick operate one of the sister companies. Deb enjoys Stamping (making greeting cards with ink pads and stamps), Cooking and her grand children as well as volunteering at her church.
The Key Staff of Dick's Automatic Door Company 
 Deb Grimes 
Miss Little Bit aka Missy

Missy, our Shih Tzu, alerts us to visitors arriving at the office as well as greeting the visitors and accompanying them to the correct office personnel. Missy enjoys travel with Dick & Char and watches the road ahead from the dash of the motorhome so she can alert us when we pass dogs, cows, horses or any other living thing that she perceives to be in Her Territory. She also enjoys meeting and greeting people at the bluegrass music festivals. Little Bit has been part of the business since 2001.
 Sadly, Little-Bit was called away on October 15th, 2015. She was our constant companion for 14 years, 4 months and 29 days. Her heart just gave out. We miss her.
3+ Years with Us 
 Deb Grimes & Muffin 
27 Years with Us 
 Bev Cote 
 Kelly Jacobs 
 Char Zeiter 
 Dick Zeiter 
Dick's Automatic Door Company : 419-472-2100 : Toledo Ohio : Garage Door Repair : Garage Doors and Openers
Office Assistant
Bev, on a part time basis, assists Deb with phones, shipping, data entry  and other tasks when Dick is out of town and at other busy times. Bev recently retired from a banking position. She enjoys reading, movies, travel and casino trips.
 Miss Little Bit "Missey" 
Service Crew Leader
(part time)

27 Years with Us
 Ken Grimes 
Empty Cell